Monday, February 8, 2010

The Eye Has It - Big Jaw Jay, Oprah & Dave, In One Ad

Probably the only real surprise in all of the 2010 Super Bowl ads was this one: an Ad for the Late Show with David Letterman featuring Jay Leno & Oprah.

Sure, it was essentially a rerun of a previous Letterman/Oprah ad, but given the ugly invective and tense history between Dave and Jay, it was unexpected that the two would ever appear on screen together again. Apparently, it was Dave's idea, and it wasn't done via CGI. It takes a big jawed man like Leno to suck it up and do something like this, especially when Dave gets the last joke.

NBC approving it also surprises me, but they must have thought it would help to rehabilitate Jay's image. No, wait, that implies that there is some degree of thought occuring over at NBC:

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